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Al-Modallal condemns the killing of Hala Abu Sabikha
Al-Modallal condemns the killing of  Hala Abu Sabikha
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The Palestinian government spokeswoman, Issra al-Modallal condemned the recent escalation on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation forces which lead to the killing of a three-year-old Palestinian girl from al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip and wounded at least 14 others.

"Today we express our deep sorrow for the death of Hala Abu Sabikha, who was living in peace with her family, unaware of the Israeli tank shells that destroyed her house, killed her and wounded all her family members,” said al-Modallal on a press conference held on Thursday at Hala’ house.

She added that the Israeli occupation violates all human rights laws , in particular,   the fourth Geneva Convention which provides the protection of women and children and their rights of living a normal life.

She explained that the unjustified use of excessive force and illegal weapons by Israeli occupation in its aggressions against Gaza, proves nothing but that Israel  is the enemy of  life and peace.

“We will not stand idly by regarding what is happening to our children. The international community must stop its support to the Israeli occupation and  boycott this racist country. The killing of our children and the suffering of our people due to unjust blockade, is a form of collective punishment ; Hala’s blood is a new a crime against humanity,” she said.

Al-Modallal stated that the European governments are involved in the crimes committed against Palestinian people as well, since they backed the Israeli occupation and provide it with advanced weapons.

In her statement she stressed that Israel must not expect “to stop our resistance “as long as it continues its aggressive occupation to our lands.

If the world fears on Israel from a homemade rocket, it shall put an end for its occupation and crimes against our people including: unjust blockade, arresting, unstopped invasions, Judaization of occupied Jerusalem, and settlement building in the West Bank. It must work for the establishment of our independent state and its capital Jerusalem.

Al-Modallal called on the International community to continue mounting pressure on the occupying Israeli authorities and force them to immediately open all border crossings with the Gaza strip and put and to put an end to collective punishment policy .

She added that the world must guarantee that Israeli occupation will  respect and committed to the principles the international human rights law to prevent more crimes against Palestinian people.

She demanded the parties of Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their obligations as stipulated in the first article of the agreement which requires Israeli military occupation to ensure the protection of the Palestinian civilians.