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Israel's killing a toddler in Gaza is unlawful : B'Tselem
Israel's  killing a toddler in Gaza is unlawful : B'Tselem
The Abu Sbeikhah family home
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Gaza, ALRAY - B'Tselem considered Israeli tank's firing at the Abu Sbeikhah home unlawful , asking the military to launch an immediate investigation of the incident.

B'Tselem held an initial inquiries into a tank fired three shells at the two-story home of the Abu Sbeikhah family. The shelling killed toddler Hala Abu Sbeikhah ,2years and 8 months old, while she was playing in the yard of the family home. Hala’s aunt and two young cousins sustained injuries.

Abu Sbeikhah reported that the shelling was preceded by no warning.

"Deliberate firing at a home occupied by civilians, without its inhabitants having been given any prior warning and without the military ensuring that the civilians have vacated the premises, as appears to be the case in this situation, is unlawful," B'Tselem reported.

It called for an investigation that includes questioning those directly responsible for firing the shells as well as the senior commanders who ordered the attack.