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Israeli court orders release of Jerusalemite on bail
Israeli court orders release of Jerusalemite on bail
Jamal Shukair, 54
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Gaza, ALRAY - Magistrate Court judge issued a ruling to release a Jerusalem citizen on bail, provided that he relocates from his town Silwan, and is put under house arrest, local media reported.

Jamal Shukair, 54, said Israeli police arrested him on Wednesday while asking for a permit to visit his two sons held in Be'er el-Saba and Eshel prison allegedly for trying to get a phone memory card into prison.

He explained that "when searched before being allowed to visit his two sons, Israeli soldiers found a memory card in my coat," adding that the prison wardens didn't believe that the card doesn't work and that I forgot having a memory card in my coat pocket.

"The wardens shouted and drew insults at me, and turned away my wife and sons, then they called the police to arrest me," he said.

"The police put me in custody for 24 hours, and presented me on Thursday before the judge, who ordered my detention for one more day, and that my memory card being checked," he added.

"On Saturday, the judge ordered my release on conditions: to pay a bail of 1,500 NIS, be put under house arrest, be deported from outside my town Silwan to Ras al-Amud neighborhood until Monday, and be banned from visiting my sons for 180 days,"

The court also decided that a third party guarantee my commitment to these conditions, he confirmed.