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Netanyahu to accept Kerry’s peace plan: Israeli sources
Netanyahu to accept Kerry’s peace plan: Israeli sources
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli sources said that US Secretary General John Kerry will present a new plan in his upcoming visit to the region regarding the declaration of principles document.

The plan will include the borders of 1967 and the land swap under the framework of a permanent peace settlement, they added.

The Israeli radio said that Israeli occupation prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu would agree on the document so as not to accuse "Israel" of derailing negotiations and to obtain the Palestinians and U.S. consent to extend talks period for a year.

Netanyahu revealed in a panel discussion that head of the Jewish Home party Minister Naphtali Bennett hinted out that he would not withdrew from the government even if  Israel adopted the American document, the radio reported.

The same sources indicated that Israel is likely to add notes on this document, so this will allow the Jewish Home party to remain in the government coalition, Benet refused to comment on this.

US Secretary of State John Kerry will return to the Middle East next week for talks with Palestinian and Israeli officials on the peace process.