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Continued bombing, hunger kill five Palestinians in Syria
Continued bombing, hunger kill five Palestinians in Syria
Palestinians in Gaza during a sit-in in solidarity with Palestinian refugees in Syria (
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Gaza, ALRAY - Five Palestinian refugees were killed Friday in Syria as a result of the continued bombing of the refugee camps in Damascus, the Workforce for Palestinians group in Syria said.

Nawras Shehabi and Nasser Ibrahim died of wounds they sustained in an airstrike that hit Khan al-Shieh refugee camp, the group said in a statement.

While "Majdoleen Rashdan and Majed Suwaid died from hunger in al- Yarmouk refugee camp and Wael Mahmoud under torture in Sbeina refugee camp,"

The statement added that Syria army aircrafts flied over the Palestinian refugee camps in early morning, pointing out that thundering explosions were heard in Khan al-Shieh camp due to the bombing of the adjacent areas.

The siege on al-Yarmouk refugee camp has been effective for 174 days in a row, which led to medicines and food stuffs running out. 

On December 30, the group announced the death of eight Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk refugee camp due to hunger and unstopped shelling on the besieged camp. 

Youth Initiative for Supporting Refugees in Gaza organized on Sunday evening a solidarity sit-in to support the Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk camp.

Several Palestinian families who came from Syria, and human right activists participated in the sit-in.

“ We, the people of the Gaza Strip, support our families and brothers in Syria and we will not hesitate to help them with all possible means,” the chairman of the initiative Mostafa Mater said.  

He affirmed that the Palestinians in Syria don’t need denunciations, they need real actions to put an end for their suffering.