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Liberman: No accord with PA without land, population swaps
Liberman: No accord with PA without land, population swaps
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Gaza, Agencies - Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Sunday that he would not support any peace agreement that does not include the exchange of Israeli Arab land and population, calling that demand a "basic condition" that he has already clarified to the international community, Israeli daily, Harretz reported.


"When I talk about land and population exchange, I mean the Triangle and Wadi Ara," Lieberman said. "This is not a transfer. Nobody will be expelled or banished, but the border will move to the other side of Route 6."


"I will not support any peace deal that will allow the return of even one Palestinian refugee to Israel," he said. "Because if we leave the right of return, all pressure will be on this subject."


"When there is a Palestinian state, it will absorb hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Lebanon, because these states will simply expel all of these refugees," he added.


Lieberman told the diplomats that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's proposal to push forward peace talks was the best offer Israel could possibly receive. "Every alternative offer we will get from the international community will not be better than Kerry's offer," he said.