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Italian delegation calls for lifting Gaza siege(photos)
Italian delegation calls for lifting Gaza siege(photos)
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 Gaza, ALRAY - The Italian solidarity delegation , which arrived in Gaza last week, demanded the opening of the Rafah crossing permanently to break the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2006.

Spokesperson of the delegation Maurizio Musolino said in a statement that the unjust siege increases the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza and dispels their dreams.

“The sounds of the Israeli bullets and shells feared children and worried the elderly men,”  Musolino said, calling for ending the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land.

He mentioned the Israeli aggression against  Gaza’s fishermen and the various types of persecution practiced against them.

Musolino added that the Israeli occupation violated the international law and Geneva conventions by the repressive military acts against Gaza civilians.

Bassam Saleh, an organizer of the delegation visit, said that the solidarity delegation came to send three messages, the most significant ones are lifting the siege and ending the Palestinian division. 

Saleh indicated that the Palestinian refugee camps considered the key of return, stressing the need to give Palestinians their full rights as being victims of war.

The delegation said that the right of return cannot be waived, pointing out that the Italian people provide full support to the Palestinian people.