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Israeli settlers attack Urif town backed by Israeli soldiers
Israeli settlers attack Urif  town backed by Israeli soldiers
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Gaza, ALRAY - B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories- posted a video on Wednesday documents Israeli settlers while attacking Urif town ,south of Nablus to the north of the West Bank, under the protection of Israeli soldiers.

The video which filmed by a local villager shows settlers throwing stones, while soldiers stand beside them. The soldiers took no measures to arrest the settlers, to remove them from the area, or at the very least to put an end to the stone-throwing.

 Several students at the school threw stones back at the settlers and the soldiers fired teargas at the students. At that point, the teachers called the students into the school building to keep them away from the confrontation.

The settlers, who came from  the settlement of Yitzhar, smashed the electricity meter and threw stones at the home of the Safadi family, adjacent to the construction site. They also threw stones at the school, located about 100 meters away. The settlers were accompanied by soldiers as well as by at least one armed settler equipped with a two-way radio, who is apparently one of the settlement’s security guards.

B’Tselem plans to apply to the relevant Israeli authorities, demanding that an investigation of the incident be launched immediately. The investigation must examine the conduct of the soldiers and officers on-site during the incident, of the assailants and of the settlement’s security personnel. B’Tselem also plans to demand that all security forces serving on the ground be informed of their duty to protect the local Palestinian population and their property against such attacks.