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53 Palestinian radios launch Media Day in solidarity with Yarmouk refugee camp
53 Palestinian radios launch Media Day in solidarity with Yarmouk refugee camp
List of the radios participating in the solidarity show
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Gaza, ALRAY - 53 local Palestinian radio stations have launched on Saturday a “Media Day of Solidarity” with the Palestinians in Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp.

The radios are based in either the Gaza Strip or the West bank. They all simultaneously broadcasted a  programme directed to support the people of the camp.

In a statement to Anadula Agency, Mahmoud Harbiyat, a coordinator of the event, said that
“more than 55 local radio tuned the FM to the frequency of Ramallah-based Raya FM Radio, as part of a national day to show solidarity with the residents of the Yarmouk refugee camp besieged for more than 6 months,”

The radios demanded, according to Harbiyat, for urgently opening a safe passage to aid and food supplies to the population in the camp, and to provide treatment to rescue some 300 wounded as a result of the Syrian Army’s continued shelling.

The show included receiving phone calls from West Bank and Gaza Strip citizens who expressed their solidarity with the Yarmouk refugees, in addition to contacting with a number of residents of the camp and Palestinian officials.

The broadcast began at 08:00 A.M and is scheduled to end at 05:00 P.M., Harbiyat said.

The Yarmouk refugee camp has been subjected to continued blockade by the Syrian Army for 182 days in a row that caused dozens  of refugees to starve to death for the lack of food and medical supplies .