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Right of return is personal: Abbas
Right of return is personal: Abbas
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Ramallah, ALRAY - President Mahmoud Abbas stressed Saturday that there will be no peace agreement with Israel without an agreement over Jerusalem.

“Without Jerusalem there will be no peace between us,” Abbas told crowds from Jerusalem at his headquarters.

“Without Jerusalem written clearly and in bold, there will not be peace with them,” he added.

Abbas said he heard Israelis say that Jerusalem will not be on the agenda of a final peace agreement.

However, he made it clear that the Palestinians are not going to give up on the fact that Jerusalem, occupied in 1967, is going to be the capital of their future independent state.

Abbas said he went to the United Nations to achieve certain goals, which he said he did achieve them.

“We went and we will continue on this path,” he said.

Abbas stressed that the Palestinians have rights “and we will continue to demand our rights until in the end we get them.”

Until then, he said, the Palestinians will remain steadfast in Jerusalem, in the West Bank, in the Gaza Strip and anywhere there are Palestinians.

“We are not going to kneel to anyone or anything,” he stressed.

Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinian right of return to their occupied lands since1948 is like marriage.

He added, this right is personal and the Palestinians could choose and then decide what they want.

Abbas added, the authority, state, organization or he himself could not deprive anyone from his right of return.    

"There may be several options, and the refugees are to choose. There are compensation and other choices,”." He said, pointing out that even the father cannot waive the right of his children, as a personal right.