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Besieged Gaza launches fundraising for Yarmouk refugee camp
Besieged Gaza launches fundraising for Yarmouk refugee camp
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs launched on Friday a fundraising campaign for the sake of the Palestinian refugees trapped  in Yarmouk camp in Syria due to ongoing conflict between the rebellions and Syrian regime army.


Imams in Gaza mosques called, during Friday payers, all citizens for donating their money for those who are dying from hunger in Syria.


Gazans responded positively for mosques’ call despite their hard economic conditions.


According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 41 Palestinian refugees died out of food and medical shortages, including women and children.


Yarmouk was once home to some 170,000 people but tens of thousands have fled fighting in the camp.


Syria is officially home to nearly 500,000 Palestinian refugees, around half of whom have been displaced by the conflict that broke out in March 2011, becoming refugees for a second time.


Syria's army has imposed tight sieges on several rebel towns and neighborhoods near Damascus and beyond.