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Government Praises European Stand Towards Sharon
Government Praises European Stand Towards Sharon
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Gaza, ALRAY - Taher al-Nono, the Gaza Prime Minister’s Advisor,  praised the European  position for refusing to stand a moment of silence for the death of former Israeli Prime Minister Areil Sharon.

He said in a stetement to ALRAY Tuesday evening, “ the European stand is  considered moral and political one that stresses the international community knows  the Israeli occupation and its leaders have committed trocious war crimes against humanity and killed Palestinian people for no reason, so they must be put on trial.” 

“ Sharon died but the leaders of the Israeli occupation forces who carried out many crimes are still alive and they should be presented to justice,” he explained.

“Their position sends a message to the Israeli occupation leaders in order not to violate international law or commit the brutal crimes against our people.” Al-Nono added.