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Rally in London to protest Israeli blockade against Gaza
Rally in London to protest Israeli blockade against Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - On the 6th anniversary of the Israel’s military operation against Gaza in 2008, over 500 hundred gathered opposite the Israeli embassy in London to protest against the continuing bombing and blockade of Gaza.

The rally was attended by Baroness Jenny Tonge, Labour MP, Andy Slaughter, Mahmoud Sarsak a former Palestinian footballer and hunger striker, , and Hugh Lanning the chairman of Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Hugh Lanning, chairman of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said, ˈno more bombs, no more siege, no more settlements, the world looks on whilst Israel continues its blockades, punishes and steals. It is the time for this to end.ˈ

Baroness Jenny Tonge said: ˈwe must not forget with everything else going on in the Middle East, the terrible suffering that is going on in Gaza.”

Kamel Hawwash, Vice Chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign, added: "We will not forget the war crimes that were committed against Palestinians in Gaza. The Israeli war criminals should not sleep easy at night as they will be facing charges at the International Criminal Court.”