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57 dies of starvation in Yarmouk refugee camp: right group
57 dies of starvation in Yarmouk refugee camp: right group
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Gaza, ALRAY - 57 Palestinian refugees ,in Yarmouk refugee camp, died of starvation, hunger-related illnesses and lack of medical aids due to the siege imposed on the camp by Syrian regime army and other forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad regime for 191 consecutive days, right group reported.

Action Group for Palestinians in Syria said that the 57 died in the period between 11/2013 to 19th , Jan, 2014.

Regarding food aids that entered to the camp, activists in the camp said that only 105 food parcels entered the camp and hundreds of families still without any food .

 In its statement the group also stated that Dra’ah refugee camp has been under siege since three weeks and the people are suffering from hunger and shortage of water and electricity.

Some 160,000 Palestinians once lived in Yarmouk, a strategic prize for rebels and Assad forces for its close proximity to Damascus. They remained mostly neutral when the uprising began against Assad’s rule in March 2011.

But clashes erupted between pro- and anti-Assad Palestinian gunmen in December 2012, and most residents fled. The poorest, some 18,000 people, remained behind, according to UN estimates, along with tens of thousands of Syrians displaced from rebel-held areas that were seized back by the regime.

 Pro-Assad Palestinian factions set up checkpoints around Yarmouk and progressively tightened a blockade of the area. By September, they banned residents from leaving, or food from entering.

It also meant residents couldn’t reach UN aid that was distributed outside the camp. The UN stopped operating inside Yarmouk in December, because of the fighting