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Peace negotiations with occupation waste of time: Sufian Abu Zaida
Peace negotiations with occupation waste of time: Sufian Abu Zaida
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Gaza, ALRAY - Peace negotiations between Palestinian Authority and the Israeli occupation considered a waste of time, member of Fatah Revolutionary Council, Sufian Abu Zaida said.

 He said in an interview on al-Aqsa TV on Tuesday, Palestinians will not accept US Secretary of State John Kerry’s suggestions.” “Kerry’s project is one of the worst projects in the history of the Palestinian issue,” he added, pointing out that the project includes a Palestinian country without borders, water and air.

 He asserted that the Palestinian issue is in a state of dispersion. It is necessary to achieve the Palestinian reconciliation according to Cairo-brokered agreement to end any internal conflict.

Abu Zaidah’s visit came as a response for Palestinian Prime Minister Isamil Haniyeh’s initiative. He announced on Jan,2014 that all Fatah members, except those accused of killing Palestinians during the factional violence that broke out in 2007, could return to Gaza "without any preconditions", in addition to the release of Fatah members from Gaza prisons .

 Haniyeh stated that these decisions would reinforce the internal Palestinian front and pave the way for reconciliation. Abu Zaidah welcomed Haniyeh’s decisions affirming that they are “a step in the right direction”.

He called Fatah members for seizing the opportunity and to get back to the Gaza Strip to regain the lost trust between the two rivals.

 Tahr al-Nono, the Media Advisor to Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, said “achieving reconciliation is a national interest while division considered a great sin.”