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Drought, shooting take lives of four Palestinians in Syria
Drought, shooting take lives of four Palestinians in Syria
The drop of a number of explosive barrels left the Khan al-Shiekh refugees in a state of fear and panic (Safa Images)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Four Palestinian refugees on Friday died due to the continued blockade and air attacks on the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria.

Action Group for the Palestinians in Syria said in a statement that “Zahra al-Zain, 68, Abdul-Aziz al-Khadraa, and Said al-Bash died after contracting drought-induced malnutrition and illnesses as a result of the blockade of the Yarmouk refugee camp,”

While Mustafa Bahteiti died of wounds he sustained after being shot by a sniper in the camp, according to the group. 

“A state of panic and fear overwhelmed the residents of the Khan al-Shiekh refugee camp struck twice by Syria army warplanes, where witnesses observed the drop of a number of explosive barrels on the farms surrounding the camp,” the statement said. 

“The Khan al-Shiekh refugees complained of UNRWA’s failure to assume its responsibilities towards them, as they said, it closed its offices in the camp and relocated its infirmary the Artouz town, the only medical care facility in the town,”

The statement pointed to an aggravating humanitarian situation given the severe shortage of medicines.

The group recently issued a report stating that 57 Palestinian refugees in al-Yarmouk refugee camp died of starvation, hunger-related illnesses and lack of medical aids.

The 57 died in the period between November 1, 2013 to January 19, 2014 due to due to the gripping siege imposed on the camp by Syrian army for 191 consecutive days.