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Victims of hunger in Yarmouk up to 66
Victims of hunger in Yarmouk up to 66
Image by Palestinian of Syria network .Moses Mari died of starvation
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Gaza, ALRAY - Three more Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk camp died of starvation on Saturday  due to the ongoing imposed siege on the camp by Syrian regime forces  for the 196 days in a raw.

Action Group for Palestinians of Syria reported that Haniyeh Abu al-Ruz , Moses Mari and Omar Abu Siam died of illnesses exacerbated by hunger , noting that the number of people died of hunger in Yarmouk camp is up to 66.

It also reported that  Syrian aircrafts pummeled Dera'a camp causing several  injuries .

It explained that those who are still  in the camp are suffering from a severe shortage of food, medicine and heating materials.