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More people die of starvation in besieged Yarmouk Refugee Camp
More people die of starvation in besieged Yarmouk Refugee Camp
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Damascus, ALRAY - 9 Palestinians were killed, seven of them starved to death, on Sunday in Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp as a result of the continued siege imposed by the Syrian regime forces on the starving Palestinian camp for more than 195 days, that brought the total number of deaths to 73 martyrs of hunger.

The sprawling Yarmouk camp, in the southern suburbs of the city, is home to tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees and displaced Syrians who have been trapped under a year-long blockade.

Dozens of children, elderly people and others displaced by the Syrian conflict have starved to death in a besieged camp in Damascus. according to credible reports.

According to the Working Group for the Palestinians in Syria.”The  starvation of seven Palestinian refugees from  Yarmouk camp due to dehydration, lack of food and medical care among  the refugees.

The group explained that the martyrs are : Mahmoud Abdullah , Said Idris, Amira Mohammed, Najmah Qwader , Riifah Qraich, Rahmah Alian and baby Abdul Jalil  Khamis.

It pointed out that the old Abu Marwan  died as a result of  a sniper shot while searching for food in the orchards of  al- Hajar  al-Aswad area , while the body of Faiz Thiyabi was found near the Yarmouk University in Dar’a International Highway.