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Feinstein approves Force-Feeding bill
Feinstein approves Force-Feeding  bill
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Attorney General of the Israeli government Yehuda Feinstein gave on Monday the green light to a force-feeding bill  to be discussed and passed by Knesset.

The law provides that any prisoner on hunger strike has to be fed if his life is in danger.

The bill puts several conditions to carry out this procedure which must be under a  judicial writ , and performed by an authorized doctor,” an Israeli radio reported on Monday.

In the recent months the occupation was forced to release a number of Palestinian prisoners due to the pressure generated by their hunger strike.

Ministry of Justice in Gaza said that "imposing the bill of  force-feeding  on the Palestinian prisoners  reflect the racially discriminative laws made by the Israeli occupation that puts the lives of the prisoners at risk,"

The International Committee of the Red Cross criticized the bill, stressing the need to respect the choices of the detainees and their human dignity , which is consistent with the position of the World Medical Association in the Declarations of Tokyo and Malta in 2006 .