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IPS extends administrative detention of four Palestinians
IPS extends administrative detention of four Palestinians
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Gaza, ALRAY - Solidarity Foundation said that the Israeli occupation authorities on Monday renewed the administrative detention of four prisoners, including a Hamas leader. 

The foundation’s officer in charge of administrative detention file Osama Maqboul said that "the Israeli intelligence extended the administrative detention of Hamas leader Raafat Nassif to 6 months”

"Nassif  is scheduled to be presented before a court martial on February 4, 2014 so that his jail term would be fixed," the foundation’s website reported.

Nassif is a former prisoner who served more than nine years in Israeli prisons.  His administrative detention has been renewed several times, according to the human rights organization. 

Israeli forces arrested Nassif on February 2, 2013 from his home located in Tulkarem city, after being released on November 11, 2012 having spent 42 consecutive months in  administrative detention.

The Israeli authorities also upheld an order to keep three Palestinians from Ramallah under administrative detention, it added, who are Abdullah Saafin from Bitounia for 6 months, Ibrahim Sneif for 6 months, and Rami Ais for two months.

On October  25th, 2013, 180 administrative detainees announced a series of protest actions such as boycotting courts and clinics, and returning their meals  in a protest action against the policy of administrative detention.

Israel keeps holding 13 Palestinian lawmakers in its prisons, including 9 administrative detainees without trial or charge.

The administrative detainee is a term called on every Palestinian detainees who is arrested by Israeli occupation and kept in prison without charge or trial for six renewable months.