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Hamas: Egyptian prosecutors' claims unfounded
Hamas: Egyptian prosecutors' claims unfounded
During the trial of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi
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Gaza, ALRAY - Hamas Tuesday considered Egyptian public prosecutors’ claims against members of the movement ‘a well silly farce loaded with politicized accusations’.

The Islamic Resistance Movement said a press statement that “the allegations are unfounded, but sheer lies and fabrications," adding that "they are aimed at Hamas’s history and supporters,” 

The claims came during the trial of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Tuesday on charges of breaking out of prison during the 2011 uprising against veteran strongman Hosni Mubarak.

Morsi was tried along with 130 others, including members of his banned Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas movement and Lebanon's Shiite militant group Hezbollah.

Prosecutors said “almost 70 of the defendants belonged to Hamas or Hezbollah and that some of them were also accused of murdering police officers and helping thousands to escape during the jailbreak,” according to AFP report.

The statement demanded to stop incitement against Hamas, the Palestinian people and resistance, and that Egypt let go of exporting its internal problems to Gaza and Palestinians.

“The accusations do serve only the interests of the Israeli occupytion, the genuine enemy to Egypt and Palestine." the movement stressed.