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Palestinian refugees issue is the biggest challenge: Burns
Palestinian refugees issue is the biggest challenge: Burns
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Gaza, ALRAY - " Developing a just and agreed solution to the Palestinian refugees issue is one of the biggest challenges in making progress not just towards a framework agreement,  but also towards a final status agreement, "  US deputy Secretary of state William Burns said.

" It’s not an easy challenge, but it is one which will be crucial to producing that kind of permanent status solution," he said.

He said in an interview with Petra news agency  on Tuesday that the US president Barak Obama and the Secretary of State John Kerry are strongly committed to achieve a final status agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.

"United States cannot make choice for Palestinians and Israelis , but we will do everything we can to make progress," he added.

He appreciated  Jordan’s constructive role, in support of a two-state solution, explaining that US administration  clearly understand Jordan’s profound stake in this process, and Jordan’s profound stake in progress toward a two-state solution, as well as the importance of addressing Jordan’s interests along the way.