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More deaths of starvation in besieged Yarmouk refugee camp
More deaths of starvation in besieged Yarmouk refugee camp
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Gaza, ALRAY - Six Palestinians were killed, four of them starved to death, in Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp due to the imposed siege that brought the total number of deaths to 83 martyrs of hunger, according to reports.

The sprawling Yarmouk camp, in the southern suburbs of the city of Damascus, is home to tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees and displaced Syrians who have been trapped under a year-long blockade.

Dozens of children, elderly people and others displaced by the Syrian conflict have starved to death in a besieged camp.

According to the Working Group for the Palestinians in Syria, “four Palestinians in the besieged camp died due to dehydration, lack of food and medical care in the camp.”

The group reported the names of the martyrs: Fadi Shihada, infants Rahaf Jabali,25 days, Issam Qadura and Laila Da’du, 4 months each.

It pointed out that Husam al-Naddaf, who was arrested two months ago, died under the Syrian regime’s offensive and torture, while Alaa Jum’a died as a result of a sniper shot.

The Assad regime arrested Mahmoud  Qasem, Wasim Abu al-Qasem, Ali al-Khatib, Fadi Shriteh from Yarmouk and Khan Danoun camps, the group indicated.