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We do not interfere in countries affairs: Hamas
We do not interfere in countries affairs: Hamas
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Gaza, ALRAY - Hamas “Islamic Resistance Movement” called on Arab countries to form a neutral fact-finding mission, under the auspices of the Arab League and Organization of Islamic Cooperation, on the Egyptian allegations against it,.

The movement said in a statement published Wednesday on the facebook page of Ezzat al-Reshq, a member of Hamas politburo, “Hamas stressed repeatedly that it never ever interferes in the Egyptian affairs before or after the uprising, adding that the stability in Egypt is its concern.”

 “ The besieged Gaza would not destabilize the constancy of a country that is considered its strategic depth and the sole crossing for it to the world” Reshq pointed out.

He added, “ fabricating crises through indictment and incitements deepens the suffering and pain of people trapped for more than eight  years.”

 “ Although our sense of deep injustice at being victimized by some of our brothers in Egypt, Egypt, which we care about its security and prosperity, will remain a great country in our opinion and we do not interfere in its interior affairs, regardless of its rulers.”