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Rise in attacks against Palestinians : Shin Bet report
Rise in attacks against Palestinians : Shin Bet report
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Gaza, ALRAY - The number of anti-Palestinians  attacks by right-wing activists in Israel rose from 18 in 2012 to 25 attacks in 2013, according to the annual Shin Bet security agency report released this week.

The report revealed that four people had been injured in 2013 in right-wing attacks, as compared to six such injuries in 2012. No deaths were recorded.

In 2013, 70 Jewish Israelis were indicted for harming Arab residents, whereas only 46 such indictments were recorded in 2012. Last year, 13 administrative restraining orders were also issued to restrict entry to the West Bank.

Shin Bet  excluded the " price-tag" offensives from the report , classifying them as incidents rather than attacks.

Amir Peretz , Minister of Environmental Protection called on the Israeli occupation government to counter the offensives of "price tag" groups against Palestinians in the West Bank.

Arab Organisation for Human Rights in UK warned of the rise in Israeli attacks against Palestinians in the west Bank.

It has  documented 30 attacks against Palestinians since the beginning of this year , it listed  in its report the  Israeli  attacks  against Palestinians'  properties in the villages near Israeli illegal settlements , painting – printed racists slogans against Palestinians,   and other attacks against Palestinians farmers and lands.