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Report: Half of Gaza civil servants are women
Report: Half of Gaza civil servants are women
A nurse working at a Gaza hospital (Safa Images)
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Gaza, ALRAY - General Personnel Council (GPC) in Gaza said about half of the government positions are occupied by women, excluding logistics positions, which are limited to men. 

Some 10.000 out of the 32.000 government employees in the Gaza Strip are females, while 12.000 male employees, including drivers, office workers and security guards, hold logistics-related positions, Deputy President of GPC Samir Mutair told Safa Press Agency.

Ministry of Women’s statics showed that Ministry of Higher Education won the highest percentage of jobs taken by women with 5488 female employees and 7042 male, whereas Ministry of Health came second with 2646 females and 6179 males.

It is noteworthy that employment rate of woman in Gaza is high in relation to Arab countries, as the rate in Saudi Arabia is up to 38 % , 31% in Egypt, and up to 66% in the UAE , according to ministry statistics.

Gaza-based Creativity Foundation for Research and Training opened Thursday, in collaboration with Ministry of Women's Affairs and under the supervision of GPC, Government Leadership Programme for Women, a long-term training course initiated for the first time in Gaza. said the local media outlet.

“Initiating this program springs from our belief in the need to develop female civil servants’ leadership capacities.” Mutair explained.