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Al-Shaer meets President Abbas to discuss reconciliation
Al-Shaer meets President Abbas to discuss reconciliation
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Gaza, ALRAY - Former deputy Palestinian prime minister, Nasser al-Shaer, said on Saturday  he held a meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas, as a new and serious step to support the Palestinian national reconciliation and to discuss all possibilities to end the Palestinian division.

Al-Shaer said in an exclusive interview with "" that his meeting with President Abbas was detailed and they discussed the general Palestinian political situation, and focused on two the main issues, the negotiations with the occupation entity and how to end the division between Gaza and Ramallah.

Al-Shaer added that this meeting came to alleviate the situation and tensions caused by this division in relation to the mutual accusations between "Hamas" and "Fatah".

Al-Shaer noted the announcement by Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, that permitted the return of 120 members of Fatah, who left the strip after the 2007 events, to come back.

He pointed out that they discussed in detail all mechanisms that can help end the division, achieve the national reconciliation and remove all the obstacles hinder lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip and ease tensions between the Palestinian parties.

Al-Shaer stated that he discussed in the meeting with president Abbas the steps that could end the division including the political arrests and other issues, underlining the need to give the Palestinian citizens more freedom.

Concerning the negotiations with the occupation entity, Al-Shaer said, he reaffirmed to President Abbas that the Palestinian principles must be considered as a red line that cannot be crossed by any Palestinian leader".

Recently, Hamas allowed the return of Fatah movement MPs: Majed Abu Shamala and Alaa Yaghi to Gaza Strip as well as releasing dozens of the movement's prisoners  as a good intention gesture to push   the Palestinian national reconciliation forward.