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Two Palestinians killed in Syria
Two Palestinians killed in Syria
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Gaza, ALRAY - Two Palestinian refugees were killed in Syria due to ongoing siege on the Palestinians camps in Syria, a right group said. 

Action group for Palestinians in Syria said that Maher al-Sayed,26, from Yarmouk refugee camp was killed due to torture in Syrian regime prison. 

According to the statement, Mahmoud al-Saadi died while he was trying to get food aids. 

The group said that large crowds and long lines of people were bushing each other to get the food aids which lead to the death of al-Saadi. 

The UN agency for Palestine refugees on Sunday distributed 715 food parcels in Yarmouk  refugee camp in Damascus, adding to the thousands distributed since gaining access to the camp in January. 

However, an activist stated that till this monument thousands of families didn’t get any food aids. He explained that there are nearly seven thousands families in the camp, while the distributed food aids were only three thousands. 

A Palestinian official said that 163 patients were also evacuated to hospitals and medical centers outside the camp.  

After rebels seized control of Yarmouk in December 2012, the camp became embroiled in the armed fighting taking place across Syria and came under heavy regime assault. 

Regime forces eventually encircled the camp and in July imposed a siege on the camp, leading to a rapid deterioration of living conditions.

Thousands have fled the camp, while the remaining residents -- who are estimated to number around 18,000 -- have faced extremely severe conditions in recent months, with reports that dozens have starved to death.

In recent weeks, however, international organizations have managed to negotiate temporary ceasefires to allow for the distribution of food and aid in the camp.