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Egyptian power line supplying Rafah city idled
Egyptian power line supplying Rafah city idled
Gaza students have to read by candle light due to electricity cuts (Ahmed Dalloul / IRIN)
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Gaza, ALRAY - An Egyptian power line feeding the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah Monday idled, said PR officer at Gaza Electricity Distribution Company Jamal Dardasawi.

The idled line provides Rafah city with 10 MWs of electrical power out of a total paid supply of 25 MWs of electricity needed by the city, Dardasawi told Safa Press Agency.

He pointed out that the company had to make changes to the electricity distribution program in the city to be limited to six hours a day.

The company contacted the Egyptian authorities to get the line repaired, which responded that maintenance work is likely to begin on Tuesday.

The line supplying Rafah city was damaged while caterpillars of the Egyptian military were active on the border area, the local news agency reported.

The Gaza Strip has been reeling under a gripping electricity crisis since 2008, when Israel bombed the sole power plant in the coastal enclave.

Since then, the 1.7 million population has been suffering power cuts regularly lasting 12 to 16 hours each day.