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Israel faces third Intifada: Thomas Friedman
Israel faces third Intifada: Thomas Friedman
Thomas Friedman a columnist for ‘The New York Times' Photo: REUTERS
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Gaza, ALRAY - Thomas Friedman, New York Times columnist predicted on Wednesday that Israel is facing third Intifada.

"Being here( he means Ramallah), it’s obvious that a Third Intifada is underway. It’s the one that Israel always feared most — not an intifada with stones or suicide bombers, but one propelled by nonviolent resistance and economic boycott,” he said.

Friedman explained that the Intifada will be led "by the European Union in Brussels and other opponents of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank across the globe. Regardless of origin, though, it’s becoming a real source of leverage for the Palestinians in their negotiations with Israel."

He mentioned  two examples of the economic boycott represented in the withdrawal of  the Netherlands' largest pension fund management company, PGGM, of all its investments from Israel’s five largest banks because they have branches in the West Bank and/or are involved in financing construction in the settlements.

In addition to Denmark's largest bank which decided to blacklist Bank Hapoalim because of its involvement in the funding of settlement construction.

 Friedman remarks that current calls by Israel for measures of security may be falling on deaf ears as this intifada employs a "strategy of making Israelis feel strategically secure but morally insecure."

He stated that If Israel really wanted to slow down the boycott campaign, it would declare that as long as Kerry is trying to forge a deal, and there is hope for success, Israel will freeze all settlement activity to give peace its best chance.