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Cast Lead missile found unexploded under Gaza mosque
Cast Lead missile found unexploded under Gaza mosque
The missile weighing a ton found under al-Nour al-Mohammadi mosque (Feb. 5, 2014:
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Gaza, ALRAY - Citizens found Wednesday an unexploded Israeli missile weighing tons near a mosque targeted by jetfighters during 2008-2009 offensive.

Local news website reported  that the missile was discovered in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood north of Gaza city, as workers embarked on digging under the mosque for the foundations.

A police bomb squad has arrived to the scene immediately upon a call from the witnesses.

Israeli F16 warplanes fired three missiles at al-Nour al-Mohammadi Mosque on January 7, 2009, which resulted in its total destruction.

The Israeli occupation army destroyed dozens of public facilities including mosques during the 22 day offensive, which Israel codenamed Cast Lead.