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Home demolishing in Jordan valley doubled in 2013: OCHA
Home demolishing in Jordan valley doubled in 2013: OCHA
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Gaza, ALRAY - Recent Statistics of United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs revealed that the number of Palestinian  buildings the Israeli  Civil Administration demolished in the Jordan Valley  has doubled in 2013.

Israeli occupation demolished  390  buildings in 2013 compared to 172 in 2012; 156 were residential buildings while the rest were structures such as livestock pens, storage sheds and field kitchens.

In the rest of Area C, Israel demolished 52 residential buildings and 123 other buildings. In East Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation demolished 52 residential buildings and 46 ancillary structures — 663 buildings in all.

Accordingly, in 2013, 1,103 Palestinians, including 558 children, lost their homes as a result of the demolitions. In the Jordan Valley alone, 590 people, including 297 children, lost their homes because of Israel’s colonial policy.

Israeli daily paper, Harretz reported that the international Committee of the Red Cross has stopped providing emergency tents to Palestinians living in the Jordan Valley whose homes have been demolished by Israel.

The Red Cross explained that the Israeli army has methodically kept the tents from arriving at their destination, confiscating or destroying them.