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Agreement to lift siege on Yarmouk refugee camp
Agreement to lift siege on Yarmouk refugee camp
al-Yarmouk refugee camp (Safa Images)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Leaders of Palestinian factions in al-Yarmouk refugee camp agreed with PFLP-GC representatives to neutralize the refugee camp from the current in-fighting in Syria.

According to the facebook page “Yarmouk Camp News", the agreement provides the withdrawal of the al-Nusra front and non-Palestinian fighters from the refugee camp and the evacuation of their headquarters in addition to allowing a mine detection committee into the camp.

Syrian Army forces combined with Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command militias continue to besiege Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp south of Damascus for 210 days, citing the existence of non-Palestinian militants inside.

Since the begining of Syria's unrest in the late 2011, more than 105 Palestinian refugees died due to scarcity of food and medical supplies while some 2000 were killed as a result of the armed clashes, according to a Syrian monitoring group.