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Two deaths of starvation in besieged Yarmouk refugee camp
Two deaths of starvation in besieged Yarmouk refugee camp
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Syria, ALRAY - Four Palestinians were killed, two of them starved to death, on Sunday in Yarmouk refugee camp.

The Working Group for Palestinians in Syria said in a statement,the death of Ahmed Jumaa and Khaled Abdulhaleem from Yarmouk refugee camp, as a result of dehydration and lack of medical care, raised the number of victims of hunger and blockade up to 105 people.

In al-Nayrab refugee camp, both Yamen Harb and Fadi Ebwiny were killed as a result of clashes took place in the central prison of Aleppo.

"In addition to clashes erupted between the Syrian Free Army (SFA) and Syrian army on the outskirts of the camp, Deraa refugee camp is still being bombed by the regime war jets for the third day in a row, "the group added.

At least 1,500 Palestinians have been killed in the ongoing Syria conflict, and around 250,000 Palestinian refugees have been forced to leave their homes in Syria due to violence in the country.

Prior to the conflict, 600,000 Palestinian refugees lived in Syria.

Between 7-800,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes inside Israel during the 1948 conflict that led to the creation of the State of Israel, and today their descendants number around five million, spread across the world.