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Netanyahu to demand Europe pass law banning calls for boycott Israel
Netanyahu to demand Europe pass law banning calls for boycott Israel
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY – In  a meeting headed by Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu and Israeli senior officials to discuss ways to combat European boycott of Israel, Netanyahu recommended that the EU countries should enact laws prohibiting any future boycott of Israel.

Maariv Newspaper reported on Wednesday that the proposal came in light of attitudes of European leaders who declared that their criticism of Israeli policy does not mean accepting boycott.

Rest of the proposals are still under wraps specially after the exclusion of two ministers Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni for their negative attitudes, while other participants refused to disclose the nature of the activities which will be conducted to rebel boycott, according to the Newspaper.

Israeli occupation joined two important international organizations, Geskins forum which works on the development of initiatives and actions in the field of human right, and Pacific Alliance.

By joining the Pacific Alliance, Netanyahu aimed to open the Israeli commercial market with this bloc which has the eighth largest economy in the world.

Israeli Foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman said, “ when you hear calls for boycott  Israel, then you have to know that the reality is far from that.” “ we will continue to strengthen our relations with the international community.”

European Parliament President Martin Schultz, who is in a visit to Israel now, said recently, “ there is no European boycott of Israel” “a boycott is not a solution for anything.”