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Euro-Mid: 800 arbitrary arrests in WB and Gaza
Euro-Mid: 800 arbitrary arrests in WB and Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Euro-Mediterranean Observer for Human Rights said  that the observer is to issue a detailed report on Palestinian security forces violations, arbitrary arrests and torture, in particular, in the Palestinian territories (West Bank and Gaza Strip) during 2013. 

Euro-Mid stated that it recorded more than 800 cases of arbitrary arrests in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and nearly 1400 summons orders for the Palestinian citizens by the security forces. The backgrounds of the arrests are related to the expression of opinion and peaceful assembly.

The observer mentioned in the report that the security forces in the West Bank, dominated by Fatah movement,  carried out  723 arbitrary arrests and 1137 illegal summons orders in 2013 without  judicial authorization in most of these cases. The arrest reasons go back to the social and political activity of  the victims or to the expression of their opinion peacefully.

Euro-Mid added that the report documented several cases  in which the accused victim was prevented from meeting his defense lawyer  and deprived of communication with the outside world. Some victims, interviewed by Euro-Mid, complained that they were exposed to torture during interrogation process  to force them give confessions about charges against them.

It noted that the security forces in the West Bank arrested and summons 56 persons on the background of their activity on the social media websites. The forces detained and summons 19 journalists during the last year and arrested caricature painters and article writers because of their writings and paintings against the Palestinian authority policy.

Euro-Mid explained that it recorded 117 torture cases in the West Bank in which the victims claimed that they were exposed to whipping on their hands and feet, beating on many different parts of their bodies and preventing them from sleeping for long time.

Regarding Gaza violations, the report recorded 84 arbitrary arrests, 22 torture cases, 217 summons orders. The strip witnessed 7 cases of assault against journalists. The observer noted that the security forces in Gaza stepped up outlaw arrests alongside the referral that called the people to revolt against  the government in Gaza.

At the end of the report, Euro-Mid confirmed that both authorities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip should respect their duties according to the Palestinian laws and the human rights laws.