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Turkey insists on lifting Gaza Blockade: Hamad
Turkey insists on lifting Gaza Blockade: Hamad
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Gaza, ALRAY - Deputy Foreign Minister Ghazi Hamad confirmed that Turkey insists on the necessity of lifting the siege on Gaza despite intransigence from Israeli occupation.

He expected Turkey to take practical steps towards that, adding, “Turkish poeple supported strongly Turkish PM Recep Tayyip  Erdogan’s decision; this is proved on the ground during the last few years.”  

“ The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gaza exerted great efforts and contacted several countries concerned with the Palestinian people to press on Israel, demanding lifting the blockade,” he pointed out.

Turkish PM said on Wednesday that he demanded a "written protocol" from Israel pledging it will lift the siege on the Gaza Strip as a condition for signing a reconciliation agreement and normalizing relations with Israel.

Senior Israeli official said Wednesday,” lifting Gaza blockade out of question.”