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Hamas denounces genocide against Muslims in Central Africa
Hamas denounces genocide against Muslims in Central Africa
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Gaza, ALRAY - Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement condemned Saturday evening the genocide practiced by Christian militias against Muslims in Central African Republic, stressing that “their blood is ours.”

Member of Hamas' politburo Izzat Al-Reshq wrote on his facebook page, “ the heinous crimes against Muslims in Central Africa are denounced, the International silence towards them is rejected and the failure of Arab and Muslim worlds in supporting them is not justified.”

“Those violent crimes are against humanity. They did not motivate the motionless peoples, especially the ones who lack human sense, and who intentionally neglect Muslims until their complicity became concomitant stigma.” he pointed out.    

Christian militiamen, known as anti-balaka, and mobs of Christian civilians have carried out public executions  against Muslims on a nearly daily basis. They killed thousands of Muslims and mutilated and dragged their bodies through the streets or set them on fire.