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Group: Abbas's meeting with Israeli students is a blow to academic boycott
Group: Abbas's meeting with Israeli students is a blow to academic boycott
Israelis heading to Palestinian Authority Headquarters in Ramallah to meet Abbas (Safa Images: February 16, 2014)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Hamas Movement condemned Palestinian President Abbas meeting with Israelis at the headquarters of Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, considering it a form of normalization.

Spokesman for the movement Sami Abu Zuhri said in a brief statement that “Abbas’s meeting with Israelis polishes the public image of Israel,”

"Such meetings reflect a serious breakdown in the political positions of Palestinian Authority" he said.

President Abbas on Sunday met with an Israeli delegation of 270 youths at his the PA headquarters in the West bank central city of Ramallah.

The meeting has attracted popular discontent, while PA security  forces prevented journalists from covering a sit-in staged in Ramallah to protest the event.

A Palestinian student body inside the occupied 1948 territories condemned the Abbas’s initiative as a blow to the academic boycott of Israel, Quds News reported.

Democratic Student Assembly said in a statement that “Israel takes advantage of such meetings to whiten its bleak images in front of the world, and to weaken the boycott movement,”

Israel uses such events to signify that a Palestinian-Israeli dialogue is going on and that the world not entitled to boycott Israel.

The statement stressed that this move comes within the futile, unpopular peace process, and provides a cover for Israel's crimes and racist policies, adding that it undermines Palestinian struggle.


Images: Safa Press