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Peace treaty is binding with all its articles: Ensour
Peace treaty is binding with all its articles: Ensour
Jordanian Prime Minister, Abdullah Ensour
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Gaza, ALRAY - Jordanian Prime Minister, Abdullah Ensour, stressed Israel is obligated by all clauses of peace treaty.

Ensour said before the Lower House, the Jordanian Parliament, Sunday that Israel cannot choose the parts of the peace treaty it wants to implement, and anything to do with Jerusalem is specifically stated in the agreement as well the Jordanian historic role in the Holy shrines. "

“ The treaty, signed in 2013, states clearly that Jerusalem and the Holy places are a property of the Palestinian people; Jordan don’t dispute the Palestinian people’s right of sovereignty over the Palestinian land. However, guardianship is another thing that is to protect and defend the Islamic holy places.” Said Ensour.

Ensour’s comments, made in a speech to parliament, came in the wake of reports that the Knesset will hold a discussion regarding cancelling Jordan's authority over the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Ensour said that calls by MKs to discuss the issue were "dangerous."

PM refused to take a situation at the present clarifying: “ the Israeli Knesset didn’t issue a decision, yet we didn’t respond. We don’t believe that the large number of statements would benefit whenever the Israeli side wanted to discuss the subject, especially if this discussion raised by the radicals in Israel”

“we will take a situation in case the Israeli Knesset made an incompatible decision with the Jordanian-Israeli peace treaty” he said.

"Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque is a redline for the Arabs and Muslims," the lower House said, referring to Islam's third holiest site in Jerusalem's old city.