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Knesset cancels session on imposing Israeli sovereignty on al-Aqsa
Knesset cancels session on imposing Israeli sovereignty on al-Aqsa
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Gaza, ALRAY - MK Yuli Edelstin canceled on Tuesday the discussion on the proposal introduced by MK Mosh Feiglin to impose Israeli oversight on al-Aqsa mosque.

Israeli media reported that the session was cancelled over the Jordanian dissatisfaction with the proposal, pointing out that the decision came without coordination with Feiglin.

A plenary session was due to be held on Tuesday in the presence of MKs to discuss the so-called “ Israeli sovereignty on al-Aqsa” instead of  the Jordanian government.

In response to this proposal, the Jordanian government threatened to take actions in case the law approved.

By this proposal, Felgin claimed that he wanted to end what he called “ Muslims racism” which “prevents religious Jewish people from entering al-Aqsa”. He meant to legitimize the Jewish attacks on al-Aqsa and apply a scheme of dividing it between Muslims and JewsTemporally and spatially.

Since the 1950s, Jordan has administered and overseen all Muslim and Christian religious sites in Jerusalem's Old City.

A 1994 peace treaty between Jordan and Israel recognizes Jordan's special supervisory role over the holy sites in the historical city.

Jordanian lawmakers on Sunday asked their government to expel the Israeli ambassador and revoke the 1994 peace agreement in protest.

Jerusalem was captured by Israel during the 1967 war. In 1980, Israel annexed the city in a move that was never recognized by the international community.