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Israel plans to build 2250 housing units in Jerusalem
Israel plans to build 2250 housing units in Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Construction and Housing Minister Uri Areil plans to build a new settlement of 2250 housing units in Ein Karam in occupied east Jerusalem, Haaretz daily reported on Wednesday.

The ministry intended to transfer lands to the Israeli government for marketing in order to be built via the so-called “Israeli territories”.

The project, costs NIS 800 million, will solve problems of Hadasa Hospital which suffers from budget deficit.

Ariel said justifying the offer that “Hadasa Hospital is considered one of the main pillars of life in the city. It provides several services to thousands of Israelis, so the Israeli government should help in its  improvement and solve its crises through some fruitful projects.”

Meanwhile, the project was rejected by residents of the adjacent neighborhoods who fear damage of  the natural areas there.

Hadasa hospital is the oldest and largest Israeli hospitals. It is suffering from a severe financial crisis for several weeks, and Israel exerts efforts to prevent its collapse.