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Rise in Israeli demolition in Jerusalem : Haaretz
Rise in Israeli demolition in Jerusalem : Haaretz
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Gaza, ALRAY - Haaretz newspaper revealed Thursday an increase in home demolitions in Jerusalem since the beginning of this year.

The Israeli occupation's jerusalem municipality demolished 12 populated buildings in just two months this year, compared to 25 buildings demolished through 2013.

Israeli officials attributed this rise in demolitions to the absence of he political pressure on the Israeli government since the beginning of negotiation with the Palestinian Authority .

"The calm in Jerusalem can lead to the demolition easily," They said.

Haaretz reported a testimony from a Jerusalem family that the Israeli bulldozers destroyed their home in Silwan neighborhood.

The family was evacuated from the house and they were not allowed to take their belongings and didn't even let the mother to dress her children in this cold weather.

Israeli police stormed a home belong to Mohamed sahur at 6:00 am along with sniffer dogs and frightened he children.

They added that the occupation police beat the family father when he was trying to calm his frightened children.

The mother, a Jew who converted to Islam after marrying Sawaher, said she has never thought that she would be treated in this brutal way, especially as she had served in the Israeli army in the past. Today, the family lives in a tent provided by the ICRC.