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Despite siege lift, hunger claims more Palestinians in Syria
Despite siege lift, hunger claims more Palestinians in Syria
Ahmed al-Rouba's body before burial (Action Group of Palestinians of Syria: Feb. 21, 2014)
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Gaza, ALRAY - Two Palestinians on Friday died, one due to dehydration and lack of medical care in al-Yarmouk refugee camp south Damascus, and the other under jail torture.

Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said in a statement that Ahmed al-Rouba passed as a result of the ongoing siege on Yarmouk refugee camp and the ensuing lack of food and medical welfare. 

While Mohamed Abu Shela died under torture in a Syria Army prison, according to the monitoring group.

Operations to move the humanitarian cases out of the camp to Damascus hospitals resumed on Saturday morning, as most of the camp hospitals have stopped working after medical supplies run out, it added.

In Dera’ refugee camp, Palestinians and Syrians are still suffering a persistent lack medical and food supplies, in addition to power outages for over a month.

The statement said that Aleppo’s Handarat refugee camp was bombed with the explosive barrels, leaving a number of injuries, unconfirmed deaths, and mass structural destruction.

The militants affiliated to the Al-Qaeda's Al-Nusra Front agreed on Feb. 22 to leave the Yarmouk camp in two stages, allowing entry of relief aids, However, residents of the camp recently staged a protest at the slow-paced enforcement of the militants’ exit agreement.