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Ashkelon prison's doctor removed for poor performance
Ashkelon prison's doctor removed for poor performance
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israel Prison Service (IPS) on Sunday moved Ashkelon prison's doctor to Ramla Hospital after prisoners protested his bad conduct.

Lawyer of Ministry of prisoners' affairs in Ramallah, Karim Ajwah, quoted a prisoners' representative in Majeddo Naser abu-Hmaid as saying that the doctor in question is notorious for his mistreating many prisoners and caused their health to aggravate.

Abu Hmaid pointed to the continued medical negligence in the prison's clinic, even in the presence of the previous doctor.

He added that the moved doctor was posted to Ramla Hospital before being removed to Ashkelon prison's clinic as a punishment for his poor performance.

"He has long dealth with the prisoners in a provocative manner, prescribing Acamol for any cases inspected,” Abu Hmaid explained.

He cited the case of Hamas leader Abdul Khaleq al-Natsheh, who a year ago fainted and was served Acamol medicine.  After a while, he got his health deteriorated and suffered internal bleeding and was admitted to hospital, according the statement.

Israel is holding nearly 5000 Palestinians in its prisons, including some 490 from the Gaza Strip. 206 prisoners have died as a result of medical negligence so far, according to the official statics of Ministry of Health.