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Hamas MP's son released from jail
Hamas MP's son released from jail
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli forces released Tuesday Abu-Dis University student Awwab Mbarak, 20, who is son of Hamas MP Ahmad Mubarak.

Palestine Detainees Studies Center reported that Mbarak, who is a student of Faculty of Law at Abu-Dis University, was arrested on August 4, 2013 and was being exposed to psychological and physical torture 20 hours a day by Israeli interrogators.

"Detainee Mbarak was prevented from performing prayers and thus pushed to do it shackled to a chair,” the center said, adding that he was also exposed to a conditioner’s cold air for long hours that caused him pains in his joints and bones.

The center pointed out that after Israeli interrogators failed to extract information from Awwab, they sentenced him to six months of imprisonment.