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Palestinian Authority insists on releasing pre-1948 Palestinian prisoners
Palestinian Authority insists on releasing  pre-1948 Palestinian prisoners
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY –Releasing  the fourth batch of Palestinian prisoners, which includes Palestinians from pre-1948 Palestine – occupied territories, considered a turning point in the future of negotiations  between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Maarive newspaper reported Thursday morning.

The newspaper quoted from reliable source that  the prisoners are scheduled to be released at the end of next March if the Palestinian Authority accepts  to sign the framework agreement(Kerry’s plan).

Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu did not promise to release those prisoners, neither the American side agreed on such a vow , the sources said.

Netanyahu vowed to bring  up the issue to the cabinet for voting,the newspaper said, adding that there are doubts about the Netanyahu’s ability to enlist the majority required to pass such resolution in the Israeli government because most of the Likud ministers declared they will oppose it.

It is believed that The Palestinian Authority insisted on the release of pr-1948 Palestinian prisoners . Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will cancel the talks in case Israel refused their release which is subjected to the consent of the two parties.