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U.S to present framework paper without Israeli-Palestinian consent
U.S to present framework paper without Israeli-Palestinian consent
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY – U.S intended to present the framework paper without the consent of the Israeli and Palestinian sides, despite some disputes in the white house, Maarive newspaper reported.

U.S administration does not have any alternative plans in case the negotiations failed, it said, adding that U.S Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed the difficulty of releasing the third patch of Palestinian prisoners without signing the agreement. 

Kerry is serious towards that and decided to submit the paper until March 28 which is the date scheduled for the  release.

The newspaper quoted a senior Israeli source as saying, “ U.S is reluctant to submit the paper now and at what price.”,“ the problem lies in the lack of alternatives.”

In return for releasing pre-1948 Palestinian prisoners ,Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demanded a Palestinian recognition for a Jewish state and also Palestinian acceptance on the Israeli’s annexation of  Jordan Valley.

Netanyahu is scheduled to leave for Washington on Sunday for talks with US President Barack Obama on the peace negotiations, while talks between Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and President Obama are slated for March 17.