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Two Palestinians killed in Syria
Two Palestinians killed in Syria
Ahmed Farahat, an ambulance driver who killed in the Yarmounk camp in Syria.
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Gaza, ALRAY - Two Palestinians were killed Sunday in the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria due the ongoing clashes and shelling.

Action  Group for Palestinians of Syria said Ahmed Farahat, an ambulance driver, was killed and others Palestinian refugees injured in a heavy shelling at  Yarmouk refugee camp

In Der’a town, Palestinian refugee Khalil Diab was shot dead in clashes between thieves and guards of a farmland.

The Group pointed out the food aids have been stopped to the Palestinian Yarmouk refugee camp. The patients are not allowed to get out and unable to be treated any more. Militants from Nusra Front spread in the camp under the pretext of that Syrian regime and the General Command of the Popular Front had broken the signed agreement  which stated not to involve the Palestinian refugees in Syria in the ongoing conflict.

Khan al-Sheikh refugee camp was exposed to heavy shelling on Sunday. The Syrian security arrested Palestinian Fateh Shreih when she arrived to Aleppo coming from Turkey, the group added, the security arrested one of her sons 8 months ago.

Inhabitants of Palestinian Alhusainiah refugee camp demand  to return to their homes. They have forced  to leave their homes  due to the violent clashes  since five months ago, the group mentioned.