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Egypt intends to hinder Gazans movement: Rezqa
Egypt intends to hinder Gazans movement: Rezqa
Rafah crossing
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Gaza, ALRAY - Yousuf Rezqa , the political advisor to Palestinian PM in Gaza, said that the Egyptian stance towards opening the Rafah crossing is still unclear leading to  aggravating humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

He said in a statement to Safa Monday, “ To open  Rafah crossing for three days every half month , Egypt restricts  the Palestinian right of movement.” 

He demanded the Egyptian Authorities to open the crossing permanently in front of  Palestinian passengers, pointing out that the Egyptian intelligence and the Egyptian ambassador in Ramallah are still discussing the point.  

“The political  and security decision that determines opening  Rafah crossing go against what is announced, however its goals are ambiguous and no one in the strip knows the real reason behind it,” he added.

He denounced the security reasons , claimed by Egypt, for closing the crossing ,  especially those related to Sinai, stressing that they are not the direct reason .

“The Palestinian citizen has  the right of free movement  under the international law,” he confirmed, adding, “ imposing the blockade on the people of a country, denying  them the right of movement is illegal.

Egyptian authorities continue closing Rafah crossing for the third week  in  a raw, hindering the traveling of thousands of Gazans including patients and students.